Simple made customized patient tray in dental offices.

Easy-to-follow workflow allows custom tray in dental offices. Automated Escape Hole Generation.

  • STL Format File for 3D Printers
  • Compatible with Ray DIGITAL TRAY™
  • Easy and Fast Personalized Tray Fabrication
  • For Denture and Implants
  • Gutta Percha Hole Library for Implant Surgical Guide
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Custom tray for edentulous case

Personalized patient impression tray / For diagonsis and model fabrication / Final impression tray for full denture cases

Variety of tray shape design

Various design library

Handle can be attached to Ray’s CT Impression Scan Kit.

Gutta Percha markers can be used to match CT data and STL files during implant surgery planning.

Various types of design libraries are available for use including the libraries for Ray DIGITAL TRAY™ auxiliary handle.