Special tray for CT impression scan

  • Digitizing Impressions
  • Radiopaque Material
  • Accurate Data Acquisition
  • Various Sizes Available
  • Applicable for prosthetic-driven Implant planning, Dentures, Prosthesis and More

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Radiopaque impression tray

There are markers on the Ray DIGITAL TRAY™ which serve as GP(Gutta-Percha) points.
More accurate STL and CT data matching are possible using the markers.

One impression tray for CT acquisition and impression taking

  • Made with a radiopaque material, the DIGITAL TRAY™ is distinctly visible when X-ray scanned inside of the patient’s mouths
  • CT impression scans the impression tray and converts STL of the patient’s dentition information
  • Tray-to-Tray superimposition is possible using the patient’s CT data and one’s tray data
  • Digitized the patient’s dentition will be visible on CT data after the superimposition
  • This workflow is effective for edentulous patients or patients with a lot of metal in their mouths

DIGITAL TRAY™ workflow

Noiseless and accurate data acquisition

Various sizes

3SIZE (Upper, Lower), HALF (Left, Right). Various size trays are available.