SC-130 Dental Castable

Material background

A metal prosthesis is the common material in dental filed historically. To produce the metal prosthesis with WAX casting type, it needed spending time and a lot of effort to dental laboratory experts to make metal prosthesis elaborately. Since the 3D printing technology is being used in dental field, it can be modeling and enables to produce metal prosthesis faster and more accurately with SC-130 which is dental casting resin.

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Characteristics and Advantages

S-Plastic SC-130 is ash-free casting material which is the most important thing to produce metal prosthesis. It can perfectly produce metal prosthesis without any residual ash with SC-130 casting materials.

SC-130 is highly stable casting material which accurately and precisely keeps the original shape perfectly to produce metal prosthesis.

Using 3D printing technology enable to change the current analogue method to digital method. It can be designed digital casting object to produce dental prosthesis. It can reduce the manufacturing cost and time but high productivity. SC-130 casting material is the perfect dental casting material with the 3D printing technology.


  • Dental Models
  • As an ash-free material is dedicated to producing the metal prosthesis

Technical specification

  • Color: Green
  • Density: 1.110g/cm³