BlueCast X10 SLA/DLP


BlueCast X10 for SLA/DLP

Castable: YES – Castability: Excellent

Improved Castability improved

Dimensional stability improved

Buildin platform adhesion improved 

Suitable for all kind of jewelry

Compatible with: all SLA and DLP printers

Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 30 seconds _ Drying with compressed air

UV care: Not needed

Shrinkage: Negligible

Color: Green

Size: 250 – 500 gr

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– Castable resin based on the experience of BlueCast X5.

– Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative.

– Suitable for all jewelry needs: from filigree to medals, as well from chaton settings to signet rings.  – Excellent for stones presetting (improved elasticity). – No smell.  – Negligible shrinkage (0.7% after 7 days). – Easy welding with wax.

–  Excellent yield of details with all investments. No chemical aggression of the investment during burnout cycle.

– Possible manual finishing (post cure is needed).

– Monomers free.

– Extremely detailed.

– Smooth surfaces.

– Burnout cycle improved.

– Suitable for all fast burnout cycles.

– Full burnout also at lower temperature (740°C, flask).

– Excellent dimensional stability in time.