BlueCast Original


BlueCast Original for Formlabs and SLA 3d printers

Castable: Yes – Castability: Excellent

Compatible with: Form1+ (castable v2) / Form2 (gray v2) / Asiga Pico 2 (fusiongray 0.025) / Moai / Dws (dc400) / b9 (emerald) e stampanti SLA (405 nm)

Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 30 seconds _ Drying with compressed air

UV care: Not needed

Shrinkage: Medium

Color: Blue

Primercat: Suggested

Size: 500 gr

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Tuned for Formlabs 3d printers and compatible with other SLA machines (405 nm).

Minimal residue after burnout process (0.003%)

Low-exhaust emission during the burnout process

Virtually no expansion of resin during burnout process

Extreme castability

Ultra-fast burnout cycle available (1 hour)

Compatible with all investments (Tested with Kerr® Satincast, R&R PlastiCast, Optima Prestige, Omega Plus)

No UV post-curing necessary

Washable with 90%/99% denatured alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol 90%/99%

Less irritation, free of toxic substances

Low deformation post-printing

Direct casting of models with no need for lacquer or Teflon® (PTFE) spray

Exceptional hand workability (UV post-curing needed to harden big models)

Suitables for classic jewelry and silver design